Selected Chemical Formulas

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Converting from °F to °C
Converting from °C to °F
Converting from °C to K
Percent Yield
Electrical Force between 2 charges
Kinetic Energy

Mole Fraction
Solubility Product Const (Ksp)
Definition of pKsp

Boyle's Law of Gases
Charles' Law of Gases
Gay-Lussac's Law of Gases
Combined Gas Law
Ideal Gas Law
Density or Molar Mass of Gas
Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures
Root Mean Square Speed of a Gas
Van Der Waal's Equation
Graham's Law of Effusion'
Henry's Law

Specific Heat
Enthalpy Change of Reaction
First Law of Thermodynamics
Work Done in Gas Expand/Compress
Definition of Enthalpy
Enthalpy Change (Const P)
Clasius-Clapeyron Equation
Calculation of Hvap, vp, or bp
of a liquid
Raoultís Law
Boiling Point Elevation
Freezing Point Depression
Osmotic Pressure of a Solution
Gibbs Free Energy Change
Standard Entropy Change
Standard Free-Energy Change
of a Reaction:
Free-Energy Change and
Reaction Quotient
Standard Free-Energy Change
and the Equilibrium Constant

Rate Law Expression
Concentration and Time for a
1st-order Reaction
Graphical Determination of K for a
1st-Order Reaction
Half-life for a 1st-order Reaction
Concentration and Time for a
2nd-order Reaction
Arrhenius Equation
Graphical Determination of
Activation Energy
Rate Constants at Two Different
General Expression of
Equilibrium Constant:

Ion-product Constant of Water:
Acid Equilibrium Const (Ka)
Base Equilibrium Const (Kb)
Definition of pKa
Definition of pKb
Percent Dissociation
Definition of pH of a Solution:
Definition of pOH of a Solution
Ionization Const of a Conj Acid-Base
Henderson-Hasselbach Equation
Alt Relationship Between pH and pOH

Wavelength Frequency Relationship
Energy of Photon
Energy of an e- in the nth state
in a Hydrogen atom
Energy emitted as the e- transitions
from the nilevel to the nf level
Mass Defect and Energy Released
Bragg Equation

Standard EMF of an
Electrochemical Cell
Standard Free Energy Change
Std EMF of the Cell to
the Equilibrium Constant
The Nernst Equation