Welcome to the 2017 Raptor Breeding Season

Last year’s season was a tremendous success. We were monitoring 271 active webcams and ended up with 212 nests with at least an egg laid, 191 nests where at least one egg hatched, 526 total hatchings, 161 nests where at least one bird fledged and 453 total fledgings.

I will be ‘resetting’ the site and start to monitor the progress of the nests. We should be up and running shortly.

Birds of Prey Updates

Well it looks like we have all the hatching that we are going to have this year. All in all it was a very productive season. We did have some casualties in some nests due to very bad weather conditions. But that is what nature is all about.

Many of the nests already have fledging and most are about halfway there. The Falcons do fledge much earlier than the owls and eagles.

Let’s wish all these young birds the best of luck in their future.



Well it looks like all the nests that are going to have activity have already laid their eggs. Most of the nests with eggs already have hatchlings. Just waiting for the late bloomers. Most of the hatching activity now will be with the Falcons and Kestrels.



Well Breeding season is in full swing for our Birds of Prey.

Many of the Owls and Eagles already have hatchings and one already has full fledging

The Falcons are just now laying their eggs. Should be hatching mid April or so

The Ospreys have also laid some eggs with one nest with hatchings