Data of a Given Property For All Elements

Atomic # Symbol Name Origin of Name
89AcActiniumFrom the Greek "aktis", meaning "beam"
13AlAluminumFrom the Latin "alumen", meaning "bitter salt"
95AmAmericiumFrom the English "America"
51SbAntimonyFrom the Greek "antimonos", meaning "against aloneness"
18ArArgonFrom the Greek "argon", meaning "inactive"
33AsArsenicFrom the Greek "arsenikon", meaning "orpiment"
85AtAstatineFrom the Greek "astatos", meaning "unstable"
56BaBariumFrom the Greek "barys", meaning "heavy"
97BkBerkeliumNamed after English "U of California, Berkeley"
4BeBerylliumFrom the Sanskrit "beryllos", meaning "a blue-green spar"
83BiBismuthFrom the Modern Latin "bisemutum", meaning "white mass"
107BhBohriumNamed after Danish "Niels Bohr"
5BBoronFrom the Persian "buraq"
35BrBromineFrom the Greek "bromos", meaning "dirt or stench"
48CdCadmiumFrom the Greek/Latin "kadmeia", meaning "Cadmean earth"
20CaCalciumFrom the Greek "calx", meaning "limestone"
98CfCaliforniumFrom the English "California"
6CCarbonFrom the Latin "charbone", meaning "charcoal"
58CeCeriumFrom the Latin "Ceres", meaning "grain, bread"
55CsCesiumFrom the Latin "caesius", meaning "blue-gray"
17ClChlorineFrom the Greek "chloros", meaning "pale green"
24CrChromiumFrom the Greek "chroma", meaning "color"
27CoCobaltFrom the German "Kobold", meaning "evil spirit"
112CnCoperniciumNamed after Polish "Nicolaus Copernicus", meaning "copper nickel"
29CuCopperFrom the Greek "Kyprios", meaning "which is from Cyprus"
96CmCuriumNamed after French "Marie and Pierre Curie"
110DsDarmstadtiumFrom the German "Darmstadt", meaning "intestine city"
105DbDubniumNamed after Russian "Dubna"
66DyDysprosiumFrom the Greek "dysprositos", meaning "hard to get at"
99EsEinsteintiumNamed after German "Albert Einstein", meaning "one stone"
68ErErbiumFrom the Swedish "Ytterby", meaning "outer village"
63EuEuropiumFrom the Greek "Europe", meaning "broad-faced"
100FmFermiumFrom the Italian "Fermi, Enrico", meaning "fastener"
114FlFleroviumNamed after Russian "Georgy Flerov"
9FFluorineFrom the Latin "fluor", meaning "a flowing"
87FrFranciumFrom the French "France", meaning "Land of the Franks"
64GdGadoliniumNamed after chemist  "Johan Gadolin"
31GaGalliumFrom the Latin "Gallia", meaning "Gaul"
32GeGermaniumFrom the Latin "Germania", meaning "Germany"
79AuGoldFrom the Anglo-Saxon "gold", meaning "to shine"
72HfHafniumFrom the Latin "Hafnia", meaning "Copenhagen"
108HsHassiumFrom the Latin "Hassia", meaning "Hessen"
2HeHeliumFrom the Greek "helios", meaning "sun"
67HoHolmiumFrom the Latin "Holmia", meaning "Stockholm"
1HHydrogenFrom the Greek "hydro, - genes", meaning "water + begetter"
49InIndiumFrom the Greek "indigo", meaning "indigo dye"
53IIodineFrom the Greek "iodes", meaning "violet"
77IrIridiumFrom the Greek "ptenos", meaning "winged"
26FeIronFrom the Anglo-Saxon "isern", meaning "strong metal"
36KrKryptonFrom the Greek "kryptos", meaning "hidden"
57LaLanthanumFrom the Greek "lanthanein", meaning "to lie hidden"
103LrLawrenciumNamed after "Ernest Lawrence"
82PbLeadFrom the Anglo-Saxon "lead"
3LiLithiumFrom the Greek "lithos", meaning "stone"
116LvLivermoriumNamed after English "Lawrence Livermore Labs"
71LuLutertiumFrom the Latin "Lutetia", meaning "Paris"
12MgMagnesiumNamed after the Greek "Magnesia"
25MnManganeseFrom the Greek "Magnhsia", meaning "Magnesia"
109MtMeitneriumNamed after Austrian "Lise Meitner"
101MdMendeleviumNamed after Russian "Dimitri Mendeleyev"
80HgMercuryFrom the Latin "Mercurius", meaning "Mercury"
42MoMolybdenumFrom the Greek "molybdos", meaning "lead-like"
115McMoscoviumNew official name of "element 115"
60NdNeodymiumFrom the Greek "neos didymos", meaning "new twin"
10NeNeonFrom the Greek "neos", meaning "new"
93NpNeptuniumFrom the Latin "Neptunus", meaning "Neptune"
28NiNickelFrom the Swedish "Kopparnickel", meaning "copper-coloured ore"
113NhNihoniumNew official name of "element 113"
41NbNiobiumFrom the Greek "Niobe", meaning "snowy"
7NNitrogenFrom the Greek "nitrum, -genes", meaning "native-soda begetter"
102NoNobeliumNamed after "Alfred Nobel"
118OgOganessonNew official name of "element 118"
76OsOsmiumFrom the Greek "osme", meaning "a smell"
8OOxygenFrom the Greek "oxy geinomai", meaning "to bring forth acid"
46PdPalladiumFrom the Greek "Pallas", meaning "little maiden"
15PPhosphorusFrom the Greek "phos + -phoros", meaning "light-bearer"
78PtPlatinumFrom the Spanish "platina (del Pinto)", meaning "little silver"
94PuPlutoniumFrom the Greek "Plouton via Pluto", meaning "god of wealth"
84PoPoloniumFrom the Latin "Polonia", meaning "Poland"
19KPotassiumFrom the Modern Latin "potassa", meaning "pot-ash"
59PrPraseodymiumFrom the Greek "prasios didymos", meaning "green twin"
61PmPromethiumFrom the Greek "Prometheus", meaning "forethought"
91PaProtactiniumFrom the Greek "protos + aktis", meaning "first beam element"
88RaRadiumFrom the Latin "radius", meaning "ray"
86RnRadonFrom the Latin "Radium"
75ReRheniumFrom the Latin "Rhenus", meaning "Rhine"
45RhRhodiumFrom the Greek "rhodon", meaning "rose"
111RgRoentgeniumNamed after German "Wilhelm Rontgen"
37RbRubidiumFrom the Latin "rubidus", meaning "deepest red"
44RuRutheniumFrom the Latin "Ruthenia", meaning "Russia"
104RfRutherfordiumNamed after British "Ernest Rutherford"
62SmSamariumNamed after Russian" Samarsky"
21ScScandiumFrom the Latin "Scandia", meaning "Scandinavia"
106SgSeaborgiumNamed after Swedish "Glenn Seaborg", meaning "Lake Mountain"
34SeSeleniumFrom the Greek "selene", meaning "moon"
14SiSiliconFrom the Latin "silex, -icis", meaning "flint"
47AgSilverFrom the Akkadian "siolfor", meaning "to refine, smelt"
11NaSodiumFrom the English "soda"
38SrStrontiumFrom the Scottish "Strontian", meaning "nose of the fairy hill"
16SSulfurFrom the Sanskrit "sufra", meaning "yellow"
73TaTantalumFrom the Greek "Tantalus", meaning "Tantalus"
43TcTechnetiumFrom the Greek "technetos", meaning "artificial"
52TeTelluriumFrom the Latin "Tellus", meaning "Earth"
117TsTennessineNew official name of "element 117"
65TbTerbiumFrom the Swedish "Ytterby", meaning "outer village"
81TlThalliumFrom the Greek "thallos", meaning "green twig"
90ThThoriumFrom the Old Norse "Thor", meaning "thunder"
69TmThuliumFrom the Greek "Thula", meaning "a mythical country"
50SnTinFrom the Middle English "tin", meaning "tin"
22TiTitaniumFrom the Greek "Titan", meaning "Earth"
74WTungstenFrom the Swedish "tung sten", meaning "heavy stone"
92UUraniumFrom the Greek "Ouranos; Uranus", meaning "sky"
23VVanadiumFrom the Old Norse "Vanadis", meaning "Dís of the Vanir"
54XeXenonFrom the Greek "xenos", meaning "foreign"
70YbYtterbiumFrom the Swedish "Ytterby", meaning "outer village"
39YYttriumFrom the Swedish "Ytterby", meaning "outer village"
30ZnZincFrom the German "Zink", meaning "Cornet"
40ZrZirconiumFrom the Syriac/Persian "zargono", meaning "gold-like"