Data of a Given Property For All Elements

Atomic # Symbol Name Common Uses
89AcActiniumCancer medicine, neutron source
13AlAluminumKitcheware, cans, foil, machinery, cars, planes, bikes, ceramics, corundum, gems
95AmAmericiumSmoke detectors, sheet thickness gauges
51SbAntimonySolders, lead hardener, batteries, bullet, semiconductors, photocells, matches, flame retardant
18ArArgonLight bulbs, neon tubes, lasers, welding gas
33AsArsenicPoisons, semiconductors, light-emitting diodes, signal lights, tiny lasers
85AtAstatineCancer medicine
56BaBariumStomach X-Ray contrast enhancer, green fireworks, whitener and filler for paper
97BkBerkeliumScientific study
4BeBerylliumNon-sparking copper alloy tools, aerospace, X-Ray windows
83BiBismuthSolders, fuses, fire sprinklers, cosmetics pigment
107BhBohriumScientific study
5BBoronSoap, fertilizer, fibers, sports equipment, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, semiconductors
35BrBromineDisinfectant, pools and spas, photo film, flame retardant, leaded gas, sedatives
48CdCadmiumElectroplated steel, nicad batteries, red and yellow paints, fire sprinklers
20CaCalciumChalk, gypsum, plaster, mortar, cement, antacids
98CfCaliforniumScientific instruments, mineral analyzers
6CCarbonCarbon fiber, pencils, wood, paper, cloth, plastic, coal, oil
58CeCeriumLighter flints, arc lamps, gas lamp mantles, self-cleaning ovens, glass polishing
55CsCesiumAtomic clocks, global navigation (GPS), vacuum tube scavenger
17ClChlorineBleach, disinfectant, drinking water, swimming pools, PVC plastic pipes and bottles
24CrChromiumStainless steel, kitchenware, nichrome heaters, car trim, paints, recording tape
27CoCobaltHard strong steel, cutting tools, turbines, magnets, blue glass and ceramics
112CnCoperniciumScientific study
29CuCopperWires, cookware, brass, bronze, coins, pipes
96CmCuriumScientific instruments, mineral analyzers
110DsDarmstadtiumScientific study
105DbDubniumScientific study
66DyDysprosiumNuclear control rods, MRI phosphors, computer disks, magnetostrictive materials
99EsEinsteintiumScientific study
68ErErbiumFiber optic signal amplifiers, IR lasers, laser surgery, pink glass, sunglasses, vanadium alloys
63EuEuropiumPhosphors in color tvs and trichromatic fluorescent lamps, luminous paint, lasers
100FmFermiumScientific study
114FlFleroviumScientific study
9FFluorineGlowing fluorite, toothpaste, nonstick cookware, CFC refrigerants
87FrFranciumStudied in laser atom traps
64GdGadoliniumMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast enhancer, phosphors, neutron radiography
31GaGalliumSemiconductors, light-emitting diodes, signal lights, tiny lasers
32GeGermaniumSemiconductors, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, photocells, lenses, infrared windows
79AuGoldJewelry, coins, ultra-thin gold leaf, electric contacts
72HfHafniumNuclear reactor control rods in submarines, plasma torch electrodes
108HsHassiumScientific study
2HeHeliumBalloons, lasers, supercold refrigerant, cooling of MRI detectors
67HoHolmiumInfrared lasers, laser surgery, eye-safe laser rangefinders, computer disks, yellow glass filters
1HHydrogenProduction of Ammonia, Hydrogenation of organic compounds, liquid Hydrogen fuel
49InIndiumSolders, glass seals, glass coatings, liquid crystal displays, semiconductors, diodes, photocells
53IIodineDisinfectant for wounds & drinking water, added to salt for thyroid disease, photo film
77IrIridiumLabware, spark plugs, pen tips, needles
26FeIronSteel alloys, structures, vehicles, magnets
36KrKryptonHigh-intensity lamps, headlights, flashlights, lanterns, neon tubes, lasers
57LaLanthanumOptical glass, telescope eyepieces, camera lenses, lighter flints, arc lamps
103LrLawrenciumScientific study
82PbLeadWeights, solders, batteries, bullets, crystal glass, old plumbing, radiation shield
3LiLithiumAluminum alloys, batteries, impact-resistant ceramic cookware, mood stabilizer
116LvLivermoriumScientific study
71LuLutertiumCancer-fighting photodynamic (light-activated) medicine
12MgMagnesiumAluminum alloys, cars, planes, bikes, flares, sparklers, antacids
25MnManganeseHard tough steel, earthmovers, rock crushers, rails, plows, axes, batteries, fertilizer
109MtMeitneriumScientific study
101MdMendeleviumScientific study
80HgMercuryThermometers, barometers, thermostats, street lamps, fluorescent lamps, dentistry
42MoMolybdenumHard steel, cutting tools, drill bits, armor plate, gun barrels, fertilizer
115McMoscoviumScientific study
60NdNeodymiumStrong magnets, electric motors, speakers and headphones, lasers, lighter flints
10NeNeonAdvertising signs, lasers, supercold refrigerant
93NpNeptuniumNeutron detectors, dosimeters, possibly nuclear weapons
28NiNickelStainless steel, kitchenware, nichrome heaters, coins, nicad batteries
113NhNihoniumScientific study
41NbNiobiumChemical pipelines, superconductors, magnetic levitation trains, MRI magnets
7NNitrogenAmmonia, fertilizer, explosives (TNT), refrigerants
102NoNobeliumScientific study
118OgOganessonScientific study
76OsOsmiumElectric contacts, pen tips, needles, fingerprint powder
8OOxygenCombustion, life support, fire
46PdPalladiumLabware, electric contacts, dentistry, catalyst, pollution control
15PPhosphorusFertilizer, acids, detergents, matches
78PtPlatinumLabware, spark plugs, catalyst, pollution control, petroleum cracking, processing fats
94PuPlutoniumNuclear reactor fuel, nuclear weapons
84PoPoloniumAnti-static brushes, tobacco
19KPotassiumSoap, fertilizer, potash, matches, gunpowder
59PrPraseodymiumTorchworker didymium eyeglasses, lighter flints, arc lamps, magnets, yellow glass
61PmPromethiumLuminous dials, sheet thickness gauges
91PaProtactiniumScientific study
88RaRadiumLuminous watches, medical radon production, radiography
86RnRadonSurgical implants for cancer treatment
75ReRheniumRocket engines, heater coils, laboratory filaments, electric contacts, thermocouples, catalyst
45RhRhodiumLabware, reflectors, electric contacts, thermocouples, catalyst, pollution control
111RgRoentgeniumScientific study
37RbRubidiumAtomic clocks, global navigation (GPS), vacuum tube scavenger
44RuRutheniumElectric contacts, leaf switches, pen tips, catalyst, hydrogen production
104RfRutherfordiumScientific study
62SmSamariumMagnets, electric motors, speakers and headphones, infrared sensors, infrared-absorbing glass
21ScScandiumAluminum alloys, racing bikes, stadium lamps, furnace bricks
106SgSeaborgiumScientific study
34SeSeleniumSemiconductors, photocopiers, laser printers, photocells, red glass, dandruff shampoo, rubber
14SiSiliconCeramics, glass, semiconductors, computer chips, silicone rubber
47AgSilverJewelry, silverware, coins, dentistry, photo film
11NaSodiumBaking soda, antacids, lye, soap, soda ash, glass, papermaking, street lamps
38SrStrontiumRed fireworks, flares, phosphors, nuclear batteries, medical diagnostic tracer
16SSulfurGypsum, rubber, acids, papermaking
73TaTantalumLabware, surgical tools, artificial joints, capacitors, mobile phones
43TcTechnetiumMedical diagnostic tracer
52TeTelluriumAlloys, semiconductors, photocopiers, computer disk, thermo-electric coolers and generators
117TsTennessineScientific study
65TbTerbiumPhosphors in tvs & trichromatic fluorescent lamps, computer disks, magnetostrictive materials
81TlThalliumLow-mp mercury alloys, low-temperature thermometers, undersea lamps, photocells
90ThThoriumNuclear reactor fuel, gas lamp mantles, tungsten filaments
69TmThuliumInfrared lasers, laser surgery, phosphors
50SnTinSolders, plated food cans, bronze, pewter cups, glassmaking, fire sprinklers
22TiTitaniumAerospace, racing bikes, artificial joints, white paint
74WTungstenFilaments in lamps and tvs, cutting tools, abrasives, thermocouples
92UUraniumNuclear reactor fuel, nuclear weapons, counterweights, armor-piercing bullets
23VVanadiumSteel, structures, vehicles, springs, driveshafts, tools, aerospace
54XeXenonLamps, headlights, stadium lamps, projectors, strobes, lasers, spacecraft ion engines
70YbYtterbiumFiber optic signal amplifiers, infrared fiber lasers, stainless steel alloys
39YYttriumPhosphors in color tvs, lasers, furnace bricks, high-temperature superconductors
30ZnZincGalvanized steel, brass, batteries, white paint, phosphors in tvs and lamps, fertilizer
40ZrZirconiumChemical pipelines, nuclear reactors, furnace bricks, abrasives, zircon gems