Module Summary

Click on any individual module to bring up a screen shot.

  1. Pythagorean Theorem
    Enter two sides of a right triangle, calculate third side and both angles.

  2. Trigonometry
    Enter one side and one angle of right triangle, calculate other sides and other angle, also link to trigonometric function module.

  3. Law of Sines/Cosines
    Enter combination of sides and angles of any type of triangle. Calculate the other sides and angles.

  4. Similar Triangles
    Enter two sides from one and one from the other. Calculate other remaining sides.

  5. Trigonometric Functions
    Calculate the Radians, Sin, Cos, Tan, Csc, Sec, Cot and Inverse Sin, Cos, Tan for any given angle. Convert between decimal and deg/min/sec   additional screen shot

  6. Multiplication and Synthetic Division of Polynomials
    Multiplication (up to 3rd degree) and Division of up to 5th degree polynomial by (x - c) using synthetic division.   additional screen shot

  7. System of Linear Equations
    Solve system of 2x2 and 3x3 simultaneous equations. Work with aX + bY = c and y = mx + b (2 x 2 only) forms.   additional screen shot

  8. Quadratic Equation
    Solve quadratic and cubic equations for either real or imaginary roots. Will factor the trinomial if factorable.   additional screen shot

  9. Factoring Binomials, Trinomials and Cubic Polynomials
    Factor binomials (ax^2 + bx), (ax^2 + c), trinomials (ax^2 + bx + c) and cubic (ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d).   additional screen shot

  10. Prime Numbers
    Given 1 or 2 numbers. Calculate if # is prime, prime factors and factor pairs. Also if 2 numbers, determine GCF and LCD.

  11. Base Conversion
    Convert between different base systems. Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal.

  12. Unit Conversion
    Convert between units. length, area, volume, time, speed, mass, force, pressure, energy, power and temperature.

  13. Roman Numerals
    Convert between Arabic and Roman numerals.

  14. Logarithms
    Calculate logarithms and inverse logarithms for any base.

  15. Radicals
    Simplify radicals for any root.

  16. Timer
    Stopwatch with 1/10th sec and lap timer. Countdown timer.   additional screen shot

  17. Cycle Dates
    Calculate, display or print dates for cycles based on start date number of days in cycle.

  18. Date Difference
    Calculate the exact difference between any two dates in total days and also Years, Months and Days. Add/Subtract days.

  19. Equivalent Fractions
    Reduce and raise fractions both automatically and manually.

  20. Decimal to Fraction Conversion
    Convert non repeating and both types of repeating decimals to fractions.

  21. Fractional Math
    Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers.

  22. Regular Math
    Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals.

  23. Complex Number Math
    Add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers (a + bi).

  24. Percentages
    Work with the four types of percentages.

  25. One Variable Statistics
    Calculate mean, median, mode, range, midrange, geometric mean, standard deviations and histogram for a set of data.   additional screen shot

  26. Two Variable Statistics - Linear Regression
    Calculate best fit equation, correlation coefficient and graph of result for a set of paired data. Forecast for both x and y data.   additional screen shot

  27. Exponential, Power and Logarithmic Regression
    Calculate best fit equation for exponential, power and logarithmic regression equation and correlation coefficient.

  28. Normal Distribution
    Calculate P(x) and percent for normal distribution ... between two given values and mean and SD. Includes bar graph of result.

  29. Equation of a Straight Line
    Calculate the equation of a straight line given either two points or the slope and a point. Calculate, distance, midpoint and angle of line.   additional screen shot

  30. Graphing Linear Equations
    Plot both forms of linear equations. Calculate x and y intercepts and the angle of line. Work with inequalities   additional screen shot

  31. Graphing Two Simultaneous Equations
    Plot two linear equations (both forms). Calculate the point where both lines cross (solution of 2 x 2 equations)   additional screen shot

  32. Graphing Quadratic Equations
    Plot quadratic equations. Calculate vertex and both x intercepts. Both Standard and Vertex forms. Work with inequalities.

  33. Financial Calculations
    Calculate payment amount (PMT), future value (FV), # of payments (NPer), annual percentage rate (APR) and principal value (PV) for given amounts.

  34. Geometric Shapes
    Calculate area, perimeter and volume for various 2D and 3D geometric shapes. Calculates various other information for each.   additional screen shot

  35. Parallel Lines Cut By Transversal
    Enter one of the angles. Calculate remaining seven angles. Gives relationship between each angle and the others.

  36. Vector Mathematics
    Calculate addition of 2D vectors in polar or component form. Also subtraction, dot product and cross product calculation. Graph results.   additional screen shot

  37. EM Wave Calculations
    Calculate Wavelength, Frequency, Period and Energy of any electromagnetic wave.

  38. Guess the Number
    Try and guess a randomly generated number in the fewest moves. Play the higher/lower game. 

  39. Cryptography
    Encode and Decode text using a Mod 41 with multiplication and addition algorithm.

  40. Probability
    Calculate the Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr) for "n" items taken "r" at a time.   additional screen shot

  41. Linear Motion Calculations
    Calculate Initial Velocity (Vi), Final Velocity (Vf), Acceleration (a), Distance (d) and Time (t) for linear motion.   additional screen shot

  42. Gas Laws
    Calculate Pressure, Volume, Temperature and moles of gases. Boyle's, Charles's, Gay Lussac's, Combined Gas, Ideal Gas, Van der Waals & Grahams Laws.   additional screen shot

  43. Logic Operations
    Calculate AND, OR, NOT & XOR between two Decimal or Binary numbers.

  44. Heat & Calorimetry
    Calculate Heat (Q), Mass (M), Heat Capacity (C), Initial Temp (Ti), Final Temp (Tf), Heat of Fusion (H.fus) and Heat of Vaporization (H.vap).

  45. Dice Rolling Simulation
    Simulate the rolling of a pair of dice. Get actual output and predicted output along with graph.

  46. Conservation of Momentum
    Calculate Mass and Velocity for two objects either colliding, coming together or splitting apart. Also Force, Momentum and Impulse of object.

  47. Motion in Two Directions - Trajectory
    Calculate X distance, Y distance, Time, Acceleration, Initial Velocity, x Velocity, y Velocity, Force and Angle for object moving in two directions (x,y)

  48. Circular Motion
    Calculate Velocity, Radius, Period, Acceleration, Mass and Force for an object moving in circular path.

  49. Law of Universal Gravitation
    Calculate Force (F), Masses (M1,M2), Distance (D), Charges (Q1,Q2) for two masses (gravity) or charged particles (electricity) separated by a given distance.

  50. Conservation of Energy
    Calculate Potential & Kinetic Energy for an object. Energy (E), Mass (M), Velocities (V1,V2) and heights (H1,H2) for an object moving in vertical direction.

  51. Matrix Calculations
    Calculate Inverse, Reduced Row Echelon Form, CoFactor Matrix, Matrix Multiplication, Scalar Multiplication, Scalar Division, Transposition, Addition, Subtraction and Determinant of two matrices.   additional screen shot

  52. Light, Mirrors & Lenses
    Snell's Law of Refraction, Speed of Light in various media, Total Internal Reflection, Convex and Concave mirrors and lenses, magnification  additional screen shot

  53. Ohm's Law
    Calculate Current, Charge, Time, Voltage, Resistance, Power using Ohm's Law variations.   additional screen shot

  54. Gibbs Free Energy, Nernst Equation
    Calculate Gibbs Free Energy, Enthalpy, Temperature, Entropy, Electrode potentials, Equilibrium constant and reaction quotient.  additional screen shot

  55. Molecular Weight and Nomenclature of Chemical Compounds
    Calculate Molecular Weight (molar mass) and Stock name of  any given chemical formula.  additional screen shot

  56. Empirical and Molecular Formulas
    Determine Empirical and Molecular formula from either percent composition (Any elements) or combustion analysis. (CH, CHO, CHN, CHNO)  additional screen shot

  57. Half-Life and Radioactive Decay
    Calculate amounts, time, half-life and decay constants for substances that decay via this method.

  58. Periodic Table of the Elements
    A complete interactive model of the table with various information about each element.  additional screen shot

  59. Solution Concentrations
    Calculate % by mass, % by volume, mole fraction (X), molarity (M), molality (m), normality (N) and dilution of chemical solutions..  additional screen shot

  60. Pendulum and Springs
    Determine the period of a pendulum and frequency and energy of spring motion.

  61. RGB Color Constants
    Get the Decimal and Hex values for any color combination. Foreground and Background. Also get special decimal value for MS Access.

  62. Colligative Properties of Solutions
    Calculate Freezing Pt Depression, Boiling Pt Elevation. Raoult's Law and Osmotic Pressure for solutions.

  63. Word Problems
    Solve Word problems involving 2 to 5 Consecutive Integers or Even/Odd Integers. Number, Ratio and Mixture Problems.    additional screen shot

  64. Multiplication Table
    Practice multiplication skills up to 12 x 12. Keeps track of your progress and score.

  65. Ratio and Proportion
    Solve Ratio and Proportion problems.   additional screen shot

  66. Graphing Polar Equations
    Graph Polar Equations of the form R = a + b sin (ct) and R = a + b sin (ct).

  67. Solving Quadratic Eqn by Completing the Square
    Solve Quadratic equations (ax^2 + bx + c) by the method of Completing the Square for real and imaginary roots.