SeZ =  34

From the Greek "selene", meaning "moon"
(AM) Atomic Mass 78.96  amu    Oxidation States +2, +4, +6, -2
   (BP) Boiling Point 685  °C    (MP) Melting Point 217  °C
   (ρ) Density 4.82  g/cm3    Crystal Structure Hexagonal
   ( χ ) Electronegativity 2.4    (AR) Atomic Radius 1.16  Å
   Physical State Solid (C) Heat Capacity 0.321  J/g °C
Electronic-Config [Ar]  3d10  4s2  4p4     (I1) First Ionization E 940.92  kJ/mol
   (ΔHvap) Heat of Vaporization 95.48  kJ/mol     (ΔHfus) Heat of Fusion 6.69  kJ/mol
   Year of Discovery 1826    Location of Discovery Sweden
(E°) Standard Potential H2SeO3 + 4 H+⇔ Se + 3 H2O (0.740 V),  Se⇔ Se-2 (-0.920 V)
Stable isotopes  74Se,  76Se,  77Se,  78Se,  80Se
Discovered/Synthesized by Jöns Jacob Berzelius
Natural Source Isolated by the recoverey from copper processing
Common Uses Semiconductors, photocopiers, laser printers, photocells, red glass, dandruff shampoo, rubber
Other Info Used in photovoltaic cells and in shampoos
Can convert light to electricity
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