DyZ =  66

From the Greek "dysprositos", meaning "hard to get at"
(AM) Atomic Mass 162.5  amu    Oxidation States +3
   (BP) Boiling Point 2335  °C    (MP) Melting Point 1409  °C
   (ρ) Density 8.56  g/cm3    Crystal Structure Hexagonal
   ( χ ) Electronegativity n/a    (AR) Atomic Radius 1.59  Å
   Physical State Solid (C) Heat Capacity 0.17  J/g °C
Electronic-Config [Xe]  4f10  6s2     (I1) First Ionization E 573.12  kJ/mol
   (ΔHvap) Heat of Vaporization 280  kJ/mol     (ΔHfus) Heat of Fusion 11.06  kJ/mol
   Year of Discovery 1886    Location of Discovery France
(E°) Standard Potential Dy2+⇔ Dy (-2.200 V),   Dy3+⇔ Dy (-2.295 V)
Stable isotopes  156Dy,  158Dy,  160Dy,  161Dy,  162Dy,  163Dy,  164Dy
Discovered/Synthesized by Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran
Natural Source Isolated from the erbium ores
Common Uses Nuclear control rods, MRI phosphors, computer disks, magnetostrictive materials
Other Info Used in data storage applications such as compact discs and hard discs
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