ThZ =  90

From the Old Norse "Thor", meaning "thunder"
(AM) Atomic Mass 232.0381  amu    Oxidation States +4
   (BP) Boiling Point 4790  °C    (MP) Melting Point 1750  °C
   (ρ) Density 11  g/cm3    Crystal Structure Face Centered Cubic
   ( χ ) Electronegativity 1.3    (AR) Atomic Radius 1.65  Å
   Physical State Solid (C) Heat Capacity 0.113  J/g °C
Electronic-Config [Rn]  6d2  7s2     (I1) First Ionization E 586.63  kJ/mol
   (ΔHvap) Heat of Vaporization 514  kJ/mol     (ΔHfus) Heat of Fusion 13.81  kJ/mol
   Year of Discovery 1829    Location of Discovery Sweden
(E°) Standard Potential Th4+⇔ Th (-1.899 V)
Stable isotopes  232Th
Discovered/Synthesized by Jöns Jacob Berzelius
Natural Source The mineral/ore monazite
Common Uses Nuclear reactor fuel, gas lamp mantles, tungsten filaments
Other Info Promising substitute for Uranium in new generation of nuclear reactors
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